Vivac Skill Training Academy

Vivac Skill Training Academy is a professional training academy that is fully technology-driven. It was founded in 2019, as an Edu-tech startup under Vivac Business Consultants LLP, to transform careers by offering online certificate courses for various fields such as Accounting, Finance, and Taxation, and so on. The main aim of this startup is to give professional training to upskill individuals in order to help them stay relevant in the uncertain job sector of the present day.

Vivac Skill Training Academy helps individuals to adapt to the modern-day workforce by merging the latest technology and services. Vivac has employed specialized professionals from different fields to give the best quality training that can become an asset for individuals in the work sector. Vivac helps to create a connection between students and teachers from different corners of the world. It also helps to empower the students with skills that will aid them to work collectively with organizations.

The main focus of Vivac is to build a great learning experience for the students, therefore we have collaborated with the right professionals and industry partners to create the best online certificate courses.

Our Programs

In House Certification Program

Learn from a group of experienced professionals with Vivac’s In House Certification Program. The program also offers real-time examples and job exposure, guaranteeing you a lifetime of stable and progressive career.

Online Certification Program

Vivac’s Online Certificate Courses offers many online courses for various fields that are taught by specialized professionals. Join the courses and get certified in different fields.

Organization Certification Program

Vivac’s Organization Certification Program is divided into two programs called Vivac for School and Vivac for College. The program teaches various skills and offers career guidance for both school and college students.

Why is Vivac Skill Training Academy the best choice?

Vivac’s Skill Training Academy aims to train individuals with skills that enable them to grow sustainably and also to help them work collectively with organizations.

Vivac’s strength in Skill Development are listed below :

  • Vivac is run by a group of professionals who have specializations in different fields such as accounting, finance, taxation, and so on.
  • Vivac merges the latest technology and services to create an immersive learning experience for the students.
  • Vivac connects students and teachers virtually from all over the globe.
  • The programs are structured in such a way so as to help train the individuals to adapt to the ever-changing workforce.
  • Vivac presents comprehensive training under different categories.
  • Vivac presents guest lectures by different professionals for various fields.
  • Vivac sets up training webinars for essential skills such as Public Speaking Courses, Astrology courses, Meditation courses, and so on.
  • Vivac also collaborates with experienced professionals and industry partners to build a great learning experience.
  • Vivac enters into arrangements with educational institutions to teach the students important skills and offer them career guidance.
  • Vivac programs offer real-time job exposure and prepare individuals for a lifetime of stable and progressive career.


Its lakshmi here …It great experience to be a student in this academy … They are v ok pery supportive and encouraging…. I got trained from basic and learned practically …’s not much expensive. Good facilities,good environment and service minded and give placements in reputed companies.. I will refer this skill training academy for getting good knowledge about accounts and what responsibility the real accountant should have… We are blessed to getting training in our academy…

Thank you all who trained me

Anandhi Y

It’s a wonderful experience for me. Training was very inovative and enthusiastic.The manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. They are patient and supportive, they really knows how to motivate their students. I recommend this Institute for those who struggling for initial stage intheir carrier.

Sharing of knowledge is an inexpensive thing in life.They are doing it..

Thank you very much for all the teachers

Asurutha Lakshmi

Institution for not only startup, also continues growth for future of those who chose Vivac Training Academy…makes your dream come true joining Vivac…

Madhavan Venkatesan

It’s a great opportunity for me to learn more about Accountancy ,Tally and Professional Accounting.Excellent Communicative Faculty members, Great Interactive Session. I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it.

Thankyou Sir

Preethi Vijaya Kumar

E19AF206 S.Rajeshwari
This was an golden opportunity to gain more knowledge in accounts as well as in tally. The way of teaching is very interesting and this an interactive session. I gained more knowledge in vivac skills training programme. Thank you so much sir for this amazing opportunity.

S. Sumithra

It is really a good class sir. I am able to learn new things in accounts and also in general concepts.
Thank you for the wonderful session sir.

Shakambari Ravi

Its a great opportunity to learn a lot on accounting, without professional courses we can learn all those concept in a easier manner

VishnuPriya B

I had a great learning session . All you need is concentration and efforts to learn whatever is taught to you.

Vaishnavi Sampath Kumar

Vivac have passionate teaching staff. The academy provides a great platform to upskill your knowledge. They ensure everyone understands basic concepts, which will be really useful when applied practically in the real world working domain.

Vijay Subburaj

3 day journey what I breath this course. Not enough to explain by words.Whole session was like a treasure. It’s only worth if we all individual apply on ourself. It was truly said by Arun ji, no one teaches up to this level. I appeal I request rather, to check it apply it. A grand applause master Arun.

Vishnukant Sharma

It is really very good place to learn. Keep teaching and educate everyone. It is not an easy job to do and able to see the effort you guys put in to fullfil others dreams. Hats off.

vetrivel p

The classes are great and it helps in knowing the practical application of accounting processes which is very much needed and useful. Overall a great experience.


This Viva skill Training Academy is very interesting skill, which helps to understand more about Professional Accounting like GST, Tally, Filing returns, TDS the career jobs.

Tisha Jain. S

Very excellent training centre and placement too new method of handling for the current generation to understand the latest trend of market.

thiru vengadam

The class is Good. It is so interactive which makes it interesting. The way of teaching is easy to understand.

Roshini B

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