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Graduation Ceremony! of Public Speaking Batch – 1
Quite the Orator- by Arun Sharma
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Vivac Skill Training Academy

Vivac Skill Training Academy is a professional training academy that is fully technology-driven. It was founded in 2019, as an Edu-tech startup under Vivac Business Consultants LLP, to transform careers by offering online certificate courses for various fields such as Accounting, Finance, and Taxation, and so on. The main aim of this startup is to give professional training to upskill individuals in order to help them stay relevant in the uncertain job sector of the present day.

Vivac Skill Training Academy helps individuals to adapt to the modern-day workforce by merging the latest technology and services. Vivac has employed specialized professionals from different fields to give the best quality training that can become an asset for individuals in the work sector. Vivac helps to create a connection between students and teachers from different corners of the world. It also helps to empower the students with skills that will aid them to work collectively with organizations.

The main focus of Vivac is to build a great learning experience for the students, therefore we have collaborated with the right professionals and industry partners to create the best online certificate courses.

Our Programs

In House Certification Program

Learn from a group of experienced professionals with Vivac’s In House Certification Program. The program also offers real-time examples and job exposure, guaranteeing you a lifetime of stable and progressive career.

Online Certification Program

Vivac’s Online Certificate Courses offers many online courses for various fields that are taught by specialized professionals. Join the courses and get certified in different fields.

Organization Certification Program

Vivac’s Organization Certification Program is divided into two programs called Vivac for School and Vivac for College. The program teaches various skills and offers career guidance for both school and college students.

Why is Vivac Skill Training Academy the best choice?

Vivac’s Skill Training Academy aims to train individuals with skills that enable them to grow sustainably and also to help them work collectively with organizations.

Vivac’s strength in Skill Development are listed below :

  • Vivac is run by a group of professionals who have specializations in different fields such as accounting, finance, taxation, and so on.
  • Vivac merges the latest technology and services to create an immersive learning experience for the students.
  • Vivac connects students and teachers virtually from all over the globe.
  • The programs are structured in such a way so as to help train the individuals to adapt to the ever-changing workforce.
  • Vivac presents comprehensive training under different categories.
  • Vivac presents guest lectures by different professionals for various fields.
  • Vivac sets up training webinars for essential skills such as Public Speaking Courses, Astrology courses, Meditation courses, and so on.
  • Vivac also collaborates with experienced professionals and industry partners to build a great learning experience.
  • Vivac enters into arrangements with educational institutions to teach the students important skills and offer them career guidance.
  • Vivac programs offer real-time job exposure and prepare individuals for a lifetime of stable and progressive career.


After reading Arun ji’s book “Quotes Enrich” I knew! can trust his guidance on any subject that he chooses to teach. All my friends who are reading this should get your hands on this treasure, its available in Amazon  . After reading this I was eager to participate in his Breadth course. The coures structure was clear, logics! & effective. INSTANT benefits came my way practicing it. He was very patient with us answered all the questions patiently & taught us science of breathing right to live long & become rich. I encourage any one who reads this testimonial to take a leap of faith to learn this technique – so wonderfully taught.

I signed up hoping to improve my business & I left with vastly more – his teaching truly connected & got instant results.lam positive that it will help me grow & my business rich. My respects & best wishes to Arun Sharma

Ravi Kumar

Four S Energy

Went in with no idea on the course, but came out with amazing insight in so many aspects including enhancing awareness,
control emotions and do key things at the opputune time . One course with so many benefits only if we practice and make use
of it. It’s a life lesson. Learned something unique and new. Few words for our Guru and.mentor, Arun Sharma- he’s an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. We are fortunate enough to tap this repository. Thank you for guiding us and inspiring us.

Ravi Sharma Breath

A great big thank you to our guru Arun Sharma. He is indeed an ocean of knowledge and information! | knew nothing about Breathing and now | know so much. | am alittle overwhelmed by the width and breadth of the course but | plan to go through itagain with my notes and hopefully learn and practice all of it . Thank you sir!

Dr. Leela Pillai

3 day journey what I breath this course. Not enough to explain by words.Whole session was like a treasure. It’s only worth if we all individual apply on ourself. It was truly said by Arun ji, no one teaches up to this level. I appeal I request rather, to check it apply it. A grand applause master Arun.

Vishnukant Sharma

Thanks to Suraj for creating and running this amazing platform! Great Work!

Vibhu Sharma

Breath class is amazing for me. I am find a new gateway for spiritual energy. Make self A normal human to Super human.

Ashish Danej

It was a great course. I learned about pauses. Body language. Standing with feet grounded. Video making was torturous but it helped me feel less self conscious. More important,I developed confidence in standing , not
in front ofa live audience but still had to post the videos for everyone else to see.

Public speaking is no easy feet. Pointers given by Arun helped us face our own fears and insecurities. Thank you my lovelies for all input and sharing. Thank you Mr.Arun Sharma

Catherine Peter

I need as well as I always wanted to learn Public Speaking,I even attended Tour Master meetings but never manage to go onstage. I did public speaking few times due to compulsion as I am Managing Director for few companies and many times have to organize sales presentation and I have no idea how to prepare and what is the technique.

Attending VIVAC Public speaking course conducted by Mr Arun Sharma in a very casual way but with lots of positive vibes without pointing mistakes in our daily speeches was really very good & positive experience.I know our speech were very basic but our trainer Mr Arun Sharmal always commented that we all are good students to become world class speakers. Anyway his words created positive vibes and now ball is our court to practice what is taught and become the world class speakers. Trainer can provide all the ingredients to be a good speaker but every
student achieve based on his own efforts, but nothing is impossible. So keep it up.

Irvinder Singh

When we are ready to grow the Universe puts ‘coincidences’ on our path to help us or send us in the right direction. These can be people or events that our soul attracts into life to help us evolve consciousness or place emphasis on something going on in our life. I can’t be more grateful to experience the course ‘Quite the Orator!’
This is exactly what I needed at the moment. Course help me to understand the importance of the structure of the speech, breathing, protocol rules and many more.

We have received a few assignments to record the videos on different theme. This was very challenging for me, but I feel much more confident about my public speaking now. Even though I don’t present different topics to the audience regularly, as a yoga teacher I have to stand up in front of my students almost everyday. After the course I won’t be afraid to take an opportunity to speak about Yoga, healthy lifestyle and other passions which can inspire the others.Speaking is very powerful tool and I am thankful for my friend Catherine who signed me up and Mr.Arun Sharma who shared his knowledge.