VIVAC For School

With Vivac for school, schools can enter into an arrangement with Vivac whereby we provide tailor-made sessions for senior secondary students to give them essential insight into different skills that will help them when they enter the workforce. These skills include learning about the use of Information systems in work environments, getting career guidance, and developing the necessary skills required for the fields such as accounting and computer applications.

The sessions have different levels to ensure ease of learning such as beginner, intermediary and expert levels. These sessions also provide coaching to help the students learn how to use the different programs in MS-OfficeSuite such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. The students can learn how to use these skills and adapt them to suit a work environment. It also helps them to understand the methods of analysing and presenting data. The sessions also provide insight into the work ethics and communication skills, both oral and written.

We have tailor-made skill sessions to teach the vernacular languages such as Tamil and Hindi and also English. We also provide an introduction to concepts such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability, which will greatly help them when they enter the workforce. Through the help of these sessions, the students are given the essential training which will help them when they enter the workforce.

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Posted on

July 9, 2020