In House Certification Program

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Executive Accounting Practices

Vivac’s 30 days in-house training certification programs (IHTP) for accounting courses offers real-time job exposure. Being run by a group of professional auditors and accountants, the course prepares you for a lifetime of stable and progressive career.

With Vivac, experience the added benefits of:

1. Office styled classroom with individual work station for each student

2. Learning with real-time examples and case laws.

3. Comprehensive test under different categories of clientele such as exporting, service, construction, hospitality, etc.

4. Learning to file Income Tax Returns for individuals and small taxpayers.

5. Comprehensive understanding of filing and maintaining GST for small sized enterprises.

6. Exposure to compliance procedures with MCA and other govt. authorities.

7. Guest lectures from various professionals and successful Chartered Accountants from all around the globe.

Hightlights of Certificate Training Program

Trained Professional Accountants and successful Chartered Accountants as teachers.
Students are trained in office styled classroom with Individual work station for each student.
Real life based Examples and case laws.
Comprehensive test under different categories of Client. For Ex- Trading, Exporting, Service, Construction, Hospitality, etc.

What is Covered?

Module 1

  1. Single Entry Accounting System for SME’s in MSExcel using Mathematical Formulas.
  2. Double Entry System of Accounting in MS-Excel using Pivot, Sum-if and V-lookup.
  3. Financial Data Analytics in MS- Excel using Sort & Filter, conditional formatting, IF Analysis.
  4. Visual Data representation using Charts in MS-Excel.
  5. Data collection and retrieval in Information Systems.
  6. Practical treatment of Accounting entries for
    different Industries.
  7. Preparation and Maintenance of Salary Sheet for Employees in MS-Excel.
  8. Introduction to EPF Act and ESI Act and its effects in Accounting Entries. Maintaining PF and ESI Register in MS-Excel.

Module 2

  1. Introduction to TDS under IT Act, its effects in Accounting
    Entries. Maintaining Data for TDS Returns in MS-Excel.
  2. Introduction to GST Act, its effects in Accounting Entries.
    Maintaining GST Registers required as per Act in MS-Excel.
  3. Introduction to Foreign Exchange and calculating
    Realised/Unrealised Forex Gain/Loss in MS-Excel.
  4. Complete working knowledge in Tally for Module 1 & 2.
  5. Complete Working knowledge in Zoho for Module 1 & 2.

Module 3

  • 1. Introduction to Direct Taxation
  • 2. Brief working knowledge of various Acts.
  • 3. TDS applicability and Rules
  • 4. Filing of TDS and Simple IT Return
  • 5. Working knowledge of relevant provisions of Direct Taxes

Module 4

  • 1. Introduction to GST
  • 2. Calculation of GST
  • 3. Accounting Treatments for GST
  • 4. Populating Data for GST Returns
  • 5. Working knowledge of relevant provisions of GST

Module 5

  • 1. Secretarial, Legal and Other Compliances.
  • 2. Oral and written Communication Skills.
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