In House Certification Program

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Executive Accounting and Corporate Secretarial Practices

Vivac’s 30 days in-house training certification programs (IHTP) for accounting courses offers real-time job exposure. Being run by a group of professional auditors and accountants, the course prepares you for a lifetime of stable and progressive career.

With Vivac, experience the added benefits of:
  • Office styled classroom with individual work station for each student
  • Learning with real-time examples and case laws.
  • Comprehensive test under different categories of clientele such as exporting, service, construction, hospitality, etc.
  • Learning to file Income Tax Returns for individuals and small taxpayers.
  • Comprehensive understanding of filing and maintaining GST for small sized enterprises.
  • Exposure to compliance procedures with MCA and other govt. authorities.
  • Guest lectures from various professionals and successful Chartered Accountants from all around the globe.

Hightlights Of Certificate Training Program

  • Trained Professional Accountants and successful Chartered Accountants as teachers.
  • Students are trained in office styled classroom with Individual work station for each student.
  • Real life based Examples and case laws.
  • Comprehensive test under different categories of Client. For Ex- Trading, Exporting, Service, Construction, Hospitality, etc.

What is Covered?

Module 1

  • Banking
  • Data collection and retrieval
  • Double entry system of Book Keeping
  • Double entry in Information Systems
  • Different accounting treatment for various Entities

Module 2

  • Introduction to Information systems
  • MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Accounting in MSExcel and using Excel as an Analytical Tool.
  • Working Knowledge in Tally and ERP

Module 3

  • Introduction to Direct Taxation
  • Brief working knowledge of various Acts.
  • TDS applicability and Rules
  • Filing of TDS and Simple IT Return
  • Working knowledge of relevant provisions of Direct Taxes

Module 4

  • Introduction to GST
  • Calculation of GST.
  • Accounting Treatments for GST
  • Populating Data for GST Returns
  • Working knowledge of relevant provisions of GST

Module 5

  • Secretarial, Legal and Other Compliances.
  • Oral and written Communication Skills.