Vivac Skill Training Academy

In House Certification Program

Learn from a group of experienced professionals with Vivac’s In House Certification Program. The program also offers real-time examples and job exposure, guaranteeing you a lifetime of stable and progressive career.

Online Certification Program

Vivac’s Online Certificate Courses offers many online courses for various fields that are taught by specialized professionals. Join the courses and get certified in different fields.

Organization Certification Program

Vivac’s Organization Certification Program is divided into two programs called Vivac for School and Vivac for College. The program teaches various skills and offers career guidance for both school and college students.

About Us

Vivac Skill Training Academy is a technology-driven professional training academy that has immense expertise in transforming careers in the fields of Accounting, Finance, and taxation. Founded in 2019, as an Edu-tech start up under Vivac Business Consultants LLP. Vivac Skill Training Academy focuses on building a strong human capital by upskilling professional across the finance spectrum.

Why is Vivac Skill Training Academy the best choice?

Vivac’s Skill Training Academy aims to train individuals with skills that enable them to grow sustainably and also to help them work collectively with organizations.

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