Be a Trainerpreneur

Train the Trainers Program Essential Skills for Effective Trainer and Facilitator


Dates : 5 October 2020 – 11 October 2020
Time : 07:30PM -09:30 PM


Trainerpreneur is two words in one.

Trainer + Entrepreneur.

How can a trainer be an entrepreneur and reap the rewards using his skills as a trainer?

This is an accelerated learning program for people who desire to be effective trainers, facilitators, teachers and presenters.

In real life, everyone can be a trainer if the person knows how. Firstly, this person has to know his passion, his knowledge, his skill & his expertise. Generally, there is at least one field a person is good at which shall be used to generate income.

Do you want to learn how to generate income? Then come to the preview and learn the techniques and skills to generate income. It is not difficult if you have the motivation and passion to learn.


Objectives of the Program

* Develop confidence in front of an audience

* Deliver with style

* Design your presentation with purpose

* Discover there is more inside and outside of you

* Disseminate information with clarity

* Demonstrate with authority

* Learn the techniques of training

* Learning Principles – what are these?

* Learn how to handle Q & A

* Understand the differences between Trainer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Facilitator.


Benefits of Being a Trainer

Rewards are abundant.

Trainers are highly in demand.

Train in many areas and fields.

Identify your expertise and interests.

Trainerpreneur is your goal, be one.


Training By-Products

* Speaking

* Master-of-Ceremony

* Seminar Organizing

* Writing Articles

* Authoring Books

* Transferring of skills

* Counseling

* Coaching

* Mentoring

* Training in Schools


About the Trainer – Dr. ERNEST CHEN

Ernest Chen is an author of four books. He is a speaker, trainer, mentor to many champions and organizations.

He is the teacher of trainers and speakers. He has over twenty five years of experience in public speaking, leadership, management, and training. Let Ernest Chen change you, transform you and inspire you to be an excellent speaker, trainer, leader and writer.

Ernest has invested a lifetime in learning – he has BA. MBA and Ph.D. He has rendered community service to the country and has received many State awards, including PBM and BBM.

Come and have a chat with Ernest and find your passion for speaking and training.


About Vivac Skill Training Academy

Vivac Skill Training Academy is a technology-driven professional training Academy that has immense expertise in transforming careers.

Founded in 2019, as an Edu-tech start up under Vivac Business Consultants LLP; Vivac Skill Training Academy focuses on building a strong human capital by up-skilling professionals.

Merging the latest technology and services, Vivac is creating an immersive learning experience – anytime and anywhere across the globe connecting both teachers and students from different parts of the world.

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