Business Setup Advisory


At Contabill we help clients in crafting the best answers for the most fundamental questions, some of which are:

  • Which form of business to set up?
  • What is the process for setting up a business in India or your respective region?
  • What are the post setup compliances and how to meet them?
  • How do I analyse the feasibility of my business plan?
  • How to integrate financial dynamics in funding pitches?
  • How to pass through the investors’ due diligence?
  • Our finance and business professionals analyse your need and help you with answering the aforementioned followed with completing the whole process of setting up your business in India on the basis of years of enriching experience

Contabill doesn’t believe in just selling a business set up service package to you but opting the right set of services keeping in mind your business needs and making sure that the process does not take long and is accomplished with all approvals and compliances

Business Process Re-engineering


Excellence in organizational performance depends on having effective processes, people, data and technology to respond to the changing demands and evolving challenges of the business environment. Changes in corporate structure, strategy, cost issues, available technology or customer needs routinely force businesses to analyze and re-engineer their fundamental processes.

However, there is often little time and qualified manpower available to review processes objectively and streamline, automate or eliminate them in accordance with current customer needs and business priorities. Our solution is to maximize effective operations, quality and cost control through recommendations and/or the implementation of business solutions that balance effectiveness with cost and service. Although each CCI business process re-engineering is fully customized, based on the client’s unique parameters, the following issues are typically investigated and addressed:

  • How the company interacts with customers
  • What is known about customers
  • Quality of customer satisfaction delivered by the current structure
  • Consistency of the customer service structure with the organization’s structure, strategy and management philosophy
  • Adaptability of the customer service operation to growth and new technologies
  • Major business changes that may impact the customer service operation
  • Outsourcing as a viable option
  • Benefits to controlling all aspects of transactions in house

How service and quality balance against the financial benefits of a change


Business Performance Improvement

  • Leads and facilitates improvement events and projects of a complex nature with some oversight, including assessment, planning, event facilitation, and follow-up/sustaining outcomes. Meets quality standards and the production of expected deliverables during all phases of the event and project life cycle.
  • Utilizes project management skills for each initiative including: developing clear project charters, proper scoping, timeline management, data collection, and pre-project communication plans. Keeps projects on track and key sponsors informed. Utilizes escalation plans and countermeasures when project timelines or outcomes are at risk.
  • Provides support to Senior Process Improvement Consultant to partner with operations to develop, implement, and sustain a Management System model, thus supporting the organization’s goal deployment process. Supports the development of leader standard work for a linked checking system and a linked learning system that connects senior management work to the work of the frontlines.
  • Provides support to Senior Process Improvement Consultants who teach, mentor, and coach leadership teams in establishing and maintaining the strategic focus areas, action plans, dashboards, linked measurement system, and checking process to execute the work.
  • Provides subject matter expertise and advice on PI and PM training and content. Teaches improvement mindset and concepts for all levels of the organization through classroom, workshop, and project based coaching.
  • Facilitates with some support large projects and coaches others on using improvement methods such as; Kaizen, 5S Workshops, A3s, Standard Work, Value Stream Mapping, etc. Serves as a subject matter expert for such tools and concepts. Coaches and develops peers and PE staff to grow their Lean technical and consulting skills.
  • Responsible for establishing effective working relationships and communications with key executive and senior-level business and clinical leaders to position process improvement work as a key enabler to strategy to execution efforts.
  • Collects and analyzes Lean process data, identifies opportunities, develops solutions, implements improvements, and helps operational management ensure sustainability.

Acts as a change agent to instill process improvement culture throughout the organization. Communicates regularly with executive sponsors, team leaders, process owners, and other stakeholders about team progress toward goal achievement, critical factors and obstacles

Migration services

Converting from Tally to Quickbooks migration implies you are ready to set up in Quickbooks. If so, on the specific date, start recording the transactions in Quickbooks, include your bank accounts and also its current balance. The detailed conversion is done for a period of two years of the financial history. All the transactions and the payroll are setup for your convenience to pick up from the place you left off. You can also be assured of the safety and security of your files. The data is completely encrypted to ensure maximum security and you can feel secure as it is protected by firewalls and the files do not get copied.

Benefits Tally to Quickbooks Migration for any Company

Any company considering moving from Tally to Quickbooks will definitely see a huge difference than one can imagine. This is apparent in the administration side that resolves the management part to a great extent. Some of the benefits include:

  • Bank data import is easily done and in one click reconciliation, the Quickbooks matches the entries intelligently and also creates a new one immediately.
  • There is a license issued per company and so you will have a ready option to add more users in the future such that it is done at no extra cost.
  • The dashboard is available at a glance to view and to know the financial situation. This helps in taking further decisions without any hassle.

The tracking of invoice is also possible and so you can see quickly what are the receivables and whom to choose.