Accounts Backlog Update

Things happen! You have a personal life as well as a business life and you have to attend to both, which means that at times some things will inevitably not get done on time. There are things that can be delegated, and some things that just cannot. Accounts backlog update is one such task that can be delegated and will ensure timeliness and accuracy if enlisted to the right set of hands.

If you are a little or a lot backed up on your bookkeeping, we can get your books updated in a shorter period of time Off-site than would be possible On-site. Following our telephone discussion, after cost agreement, Contabill team will email a list of documents and information that will be needed in order to get your accounts updated. Upon your initial meeting with our team, you will hand the requested information and documents that we will take with us to update your files and later return to you with a copy of your updated QuickBooks. Working at your office to update huge accounts backlog will undoubtedly take a longer period of time to complete than us doing it off-site at our office.

Of course, there are instances when the backlog update has to take place on-site regardless of the workload, and we are prepared to accommodate that situation and will work to update as quickly as possible. Subsequently, we can provide you with ongoing weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates as is necessary for you and your organization.

People who are dedicated to accounts updating, are experienced and equipped to deal with any accounting backlog situation. Regardless of how backed up and behind on your bookkeeping you are, we at COntabill will ensure your accounts become current in the shortest time possible.